Why Choose Us?

Sweet Cakes Supplies, LLC has been created to provide hobbyists, bakers and professional cake designers with quality supplies, tools and instruction. Whether one is looking to supplement their toolbox, learn the basics of cake and cupcake design or take a masterclass that will develop and enrich their skill set, Sweet Cakes Supplies will be the primary location for all. Additionally, we will offer cupcake decorating birthday parties where children can celebrate their special day while learning an exciting new skill.

Sweet Cakes Supplies is conveniently located in the center of Oxford, PA at 59 S. 3rd Street with ample street parking and a rear parking lot. 

About Us

Vanessa & Ashley


Sweet Cakes Supplies, LLC was created by Vanessa Ross and Ashley Webster to provide cake and cupcake decorating instruction and tools. 

For more than eight years Vanessa has successfully owned and operated Vanessa Ross Cakes and has been  consigned for world renowned wedding dress designers Hayley Paige, Lazaro Perez and Matthew Christopher.

Ashley studied with Vanessa for two years before opening her own successful dessert business Simply Sweet in 2020. 

The Sweet from Ashley's business and Cakes from Vanessa's were combined to create Sweet Cakes Supplies. 


Sweet Cakes Supplies, LLC is located at 59 S. Third Street Oxford, PA. 


59 S. 3rd Street, Oxford PA 19352